What to Know About Sink Resurfacing

Sinks see a lot of wear and tear, in your bathroom and in your kitchen. The porcelain may become discolored and chip over time or the color may just be out of date. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars replacing counters and vanities as well, you could resurface it. Having you sink resurfaced to restore luster, conceal chips and match any updates you’ve made to your bathroom is an easy fix.

Preparing Your Sink for Refinishingbefore and after refinished sink by Bath Magic

Before your appointment with Bath Magic, you need to make sure the sink is clean of any debris or residue. If you are resurfacing your bathtub sink, remove hanging towels and the shower curtain to avoid damage during the process. Make sure any toiletries are removed from the bathroom, especially near the sink. The surrounding area will be covered in paper and drop cloths as the sink is reglazed. If you are refinishing the sink in your kitchen, make sure personal items are moved away from the area, such as towels, timers and any used dishes. Everything will be able to return to their designated spot after the glaze has dried.

Sink Resurfacing in Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky & Michigan

If you are interested in having your sink resurfaced, contact Bath Magic today! We can match your sink to your current aesthetic, or you can choose from our extensive color selection for a fresh, new look. We service a wide area across the Midwest. Bath Magic can be reached by calling 1 (800) 477-8827 or by filling out our online contact form.