Each Bath Magic process starts by reviewing the tub with the homeowner. We go over any issues with the tub, as well as an explanation of what will be going on. If there are any repairs that need to be made, or if your current finish needs to be stripped down, we will start there before beginning the reglazing process.

After putting drop cloths around the bathroom floor to prevent damaging anything, we scrape and remove the caulk from around the tub, take out the overflow stopper and line tape around the edges to avoid the walls and floors. We sand the entire surface of the tub and apply a chemical etching cream for 10 minutes before thoroughly cleaning and drying your bathtub fully.

After paper is taped to the walls and any uncovered surfaces, primer is applied to the tub and dried. Two coats of bonding agents are sprayed on top of the primer, followed by coats of the finish in whichever color you choose. The tape is removed from around the tub and from the stopper.

Bath Magic reglazed bathtubBased on the treatment you choose; the curing time will differ. It is important to follow the instructions left by your technician as to not damage the new surface. After your tub has dried, you need to recaulk the edges. We do not recommend using self-adhesive caulking strips because they can cause damage to your tub and cause the glaze to peel. You can then replace your overflow stopper and drain cover, and your tub will be ready to use!

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