How Can I Tell If My Surface Needs Reglazing?

You recently remodeled your bathroom, and it now has all the features and fixtures you’ve wanted in the room. Everything is fresh and clean, but there’s something that feels slightly off: your bathtub or tile surfaces. Whether the color no longer fits in with your bathroom’s color scheme or the bathtub and tile is dull and worn, there are signs that reglazing might be right for you!

What to Notice on Your Porcelain SurfacesBath Magic reglazing

As your bathtub is used over the years, chips and cracks are likely to develop as a sign of normal wear and tear. This can be caused by dropping heavy or sharp items and abrasive cleaners stripping the glossy coat over time. Chips usually start out small, and are the first sign your tub should be resurfaced.  After several years of use and cleaning, your tub may begin to look worn and discolored, from a slightly gray tint forming to patches along the inside of the tub. The tub’s shine will grow duller, and a new glaze can restore it back to its former glory. Part of the problem may even be the original color of the tub or tile: your green fixtures may have matched the previous homeowner’s aesthetic, but the large focal points of your bathroom no longer go with the updates you have chosen. When you reglaze your bathtub, sink or tile, you’ll be able to select a glaze that matches your current toilet, or an entirely different color to match the rest of the bathroom. Reglazing allows you to transform your surfaces without the time and hassle of looking for a replacement.

Bathtub Reglazing in Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana & Michigan

If you are looking to have your surface reglazed, contact Bath Magic today! We serve an expansive area across the Midwest and will come right to your home- by using our deluxe finish, you’ll be able to use your tub again that day! Bath Magic can be reached by calling (800) 477-8827 or by filling out our online contact form.