At Bath Magic, we utilize two coating options to refinish your tub, sink or tile surface.

The first coating we offer is an Epoxy based coating, which is our more economically friendly finish. It has a one (1) year warranty and a lifespan of about three (3) years. It has a cure time of 48 hours, meaning you cannot use your reglazed surface for two days after its application.

Our Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane Finish is our Deluxe option. This durable, environmentally friendly finish has a ten (10) year lifespan and five (5) year warranty. It finishes curing in four hours, so you can use your redone surface the same day! This is specifically engineered to stand up to the wear-and-tear of a bathtub and boasts the most long-term value of bathtub and tile coatings in the Midwest. It offers 4H pencil hardness and has a 10 ranking in scuff tests, and is used in environments ranging from your standard bathroom to boats.

The main difference between our coatings is the number of chemical bonds between molecules. Our high cross-link density increases the durability and longevity of our finishes, saving returns trip costs. While other finishes have the minimum amount of links between finish molecules, our finish is designed so every molecule is interconnected. As an additional cost-saving measure, both of our finishes are air-dried. At Bath Magic, we prefer to use the best materials on the market.

Chart graphing density cohesion