Bathtub resurfacing is the process of putting a new outer coating on your tub, sink or tile. This can also be referred to as reglazing or refinishing.

It is impossible to reapply porcelain because of the high temperature needed to produce it. Bath Magic uses a synthetic glaze that will simulate the look and feel of your original surface.

Our Standard finish is our EPOXY based coating. It takes up to 48 hours to dry and can become brittle over time. It is expected to last between 2-3 years. Our Deluxe finish is eco-friendly ACRYLIC URETHANE, and dries in about 4 hours. Our Deluxe finish can last up to 10 years.

If there are any repairs you need to have done in your bathroom, you should have them completed before your Bath Magic visit. Having any remodeling or repair work done beforehand minimizes damage that can be done to your reglazed surface. Remove your shower curtain or doors, and remove all personal items from your tub or countertop. Your tub should be thoroughly cleaned and any leaks should be repaired.

Yes, we need both water and electricity working, and the room must be at a normal temperature.

Yes, we are insured for up to one million dollars.

We offer a range of colors from the top two fixture manufacturers.

Yes, in most cases. There is an extra charge for repairs, but we keep our prices reasonable and extra repairs are always optional.

There is an odor to this process, but our filtration system will limit it from flowing through your home. The odor is not intolerable and will dissipate once cured. Our Deluxe finish is an Eco-friendly finish. 

No, we prefer that you stay in the home while the work is being done.

We do not perform any sandblasting work. If your tub needs to be sandblasted, you will need to contact another company for that service.

In order to get the best bond between your tub and our material, our technicians will chemically etch the tubs to ensure bonding. There is very little smell, and the vapors will not be harmful to anyone in your home.

We offer permanent non-skid bathmats. Our mats are lined with adhesive that will not damage your refinished surface. If you choose your own mat, make sure that it is not a suction cup style mat. The suction cups may cause damage to your new surface.

Some firms choose to add a drying accelerator to their mixtures, while others will utilize heat lamps to fast-track the process. However, there are added costs to making your new surface dry faster. We let our finishes air dry naturally to cut costs for our customers.

Our services are offered in several metro areas across the Midwest. Locations on the outskirts of our service areas may be charged a reasonable service fee to offset the additional travel time and costs.

Yes, a previously reglazed surface can be reglazed again. However, the old coating must be stripped off, and we charge an additional fee for this service. Generally, stripping a tub requires about 2 additional man hours.

Your reglazed surface is both tough and durable. However, it is possible, just as it is with a new tub, to chip the surface. If this happens, promptly arrange for a service call, or use one of our touchup kits.

While the same materials and processes are used to resurface sinks as bathtubs, sinks tend to be used at a rougher and higher frequency. Hot pots, pans and grease are placed in kitchen sinks and silverware may be tossed in. In bathrooms, hair dye and drain cleanser can damage your new surface, as can dropping hot curling irons and blow driers. Due to these factors, we cannot enforce a warranty on your sink.

Most marble sinks are not actually made from marble. We can resurface cultured or synthetic marble, which generally is what most “marble” sinks and counters are made of. Actual marble cannot be resurfaced. 

Depending on the size of the damage, we may be able to repair it. If the hole or crack is too large, it may not be repairable.

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