Bath Magic offers our finishes in colors matching shades offered by Kohler and American Standard, two of the top fixture manufacturers in the United States.

Kohler Innocent Blush
Kohler: Innocent Blush
Kohler Almond
Kohler: Almond
Kohler's Thunder Gray shade
Kohler: Thunder Gray
Kohler Sandbar
Kohler: Sandbar
Kohler Ice Gray
Kohler: Ice Gray
Kohler Mexican Sand
Kohler: Mexican Sand
Kohler Sunlight
Kohler: Sunlight
Kohler Biscuit
Kohler: Biscuit
Kohler Seafoam Green
Kohler: Seafoam Green
Kohler's Wild Rose shade
Kohler: Wild Rose
Kohler Cashmere
Kohler: Cashmere
Kohler Tender Grey
Kohler: Tender Grey
Kohler Skylight
Kohler: Skylight
American Standard
American Standard Shell
American Standard: Shell
American Standard Silver
American Standard: Silver
American Standard: Candlelyght
Fawn Beige
American Standard: Fawn Beige
American Standard: Linen
American Standard: Linen
American Standard Spring
American Standard: Spring
Warm White
American Standard: Warm White