Care Instructions

It is important to leave the reglazed surface alone until the designated cure time. Do not open windows, touch the tub or turn on fans as any movement can cause debris to fall into the material and cause spikes and smudges. If anything does fall into the tub before it is completely dry, do not attempt to remove it. It will wear off within the first month of use with the new finish.
Bags will be placed over the shower head during the refinishing process to prevent drips. If the bags begin to fill up, replace the bags and make sure the water is completely off. Drips can cause divots and damage the integrity of the new finish.

After the curing time has finished, carefully remove any tape and paper that was left over and discard them. Carefully replace the drain cover and stopper. After your tub has dried, immediately recaulk around the drain, overflow plate and the edge of the tub. If your tub does not have a proper caulk seal, it can lead to water damage and peeling of the reglazed surface. It is important not to use self adhesive caulking strips because they may peel and damage the surface of your tub.

Cleaning Your Reglazed Tub

If possible, you should avoid cleaning your bathtub for the first month with anything stronger than a mild dish soap and sponge. After the first 30 days, you can clean your tub with a non-aerosol cleaner that specifically states that it is a soap scum remover. We recommend using trigger-pump bottle cleaners available at any grocery store. Avoid using harsh, abrasive or aerosol cleaners containing acid or bleach and scratch pads. For a more detailed list of cleaners please give us call.

General Care & Maintenance

Make sure you wait the allotted drying time before using your tub or sink.

Refrain from storing things directly on the finish, such as bottles, cloths and soap.

Do not use bathmats with suction cups underneath. These can pull at the finish and damage it upon removal. Moisture can also be trapped under the cups. Bath Magic sells bath mats suitable for your reglazed surface here.

Keep harsh chemicals and sharp objects away from your reglazed surface. Do not let people stand in your tub with their shoes on.

Maintain caulking around the tub. Failure to do so can lead to water damage in your wall and subsequent costly repairs. I

Do not pick surface dust off with your finger. Any surface dust will likely dissipate in 3-4 weeks with normal cleaning and usage.

NEVER apply any type of tape to your reglazed surface.

FAILURE to follow the above instructions may void your warranty.


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