How to Recaulk Your Refinished Bathtub

Bath Magic caulking bathtubAfter you have your bathtub refinished, you will need to recaulk the edges of your tub. The existing caulk will be removed as part of the refinishing process, and you will need to reapply before using your new surface to prevent water damage.

You will begin by using a tape to block off the area you are planning to caulk. Apply the tape to the walls around your tub, leaving an approximately ¼ inch gap between the bottom of the tape, and the tub surface. Do not apply the tape to your reglazed surface.  Cut the tip of the caulk at a slight angle so it fits neatly in the gap between your tub and the wall. Load the caulk into the caulk gun and move along the gap. Move at an even pace; moving too slowly causes the caulk to pile up and moving too fast will lead to a layer that breaks or is too thin to hold. After you are done, smooth the line over with a wet index finger. Use a wet sponge or cloth clean up any smudges that are on the tub.  The caulked surface should be even along the edge. Remove the tape and wait for the caulk to dry before using your bathtub.

If you are interested in having your bathtub refinished, contact Bath Magic today! Bath Magic has been refinishing bathtubs, sinks, and tile since 1993, and has an extensive service area in the Midwest. Refinishing can give your surface a like-new appearance, without the hassle or time of replacement. To contact Bath Magic about scheduling a reglazing, call us at (800) 477-8827 or fill out our online estimate form!

Benefits of Refinishing Your Bathtub

Half refinished bathtub by Bath MagicReglazing, or resurfacing, Is the process of restoring your worn tub until it looks like new. Prices may vary based on the tub’s condition and your location, but it is a relatively inexpensive procedure and will cost much less than replacing the whole unit. It can be used as a means to repair the tub or, if you move and dislike the color scheme in your new bathroom, change the color while keeping the fixtures.

Refinished tubs have an extended lifespan of up to ten years, depending on the type of finish. Bath Magic uses an Acyrlic Urethane finish, which bonds the molecules of the finish more than an Epoxy coating and makes the finish stronger. Most finishes will completely dry within two days, minimizing your bathroom’s downtime. You will also save money because refinishing doesn’t require use of a plumber or a contractor, just a refinishing technician. It is best to have a professional take on this job because a professional will come with a ventilating system you may not be able to replicate on your own. After the chemicals are applied, there will be a lingering smell that will dissipate after a day or two.

Bath Magic refinishes tile surfaces across the Midwest, from bathtubs to sinks and wall tile. We will provide you with a quote for refinishing your surface in any color from our selections from the top two fixture manufacturers in the country, and then send a technician out to complete the job based on your schedule. The entire process will take between 4-6 hours. To contact Bath Magic about scheduling a reglazing, call us at (800) 477-8827 or fill out our online estimate form!